Thursday, June 14, 2012

And the verdict is?

Today was our appointment at Memorial Sloan-Kettering and the verdict is?  
Unfortunately it was a hung jury.

While the pathology results from the liver biopsy were “good” with regard to bringing information that offers new and different treatment options they were also bad.  They were bad in the sense that they are so different pathologically from the biopsy that was taken from my esophagus in 2008.

Therefore, Dr. Janjigian at MSKCC wants to review the biopsy slides from 2008 and if the MSKCC pathologists are still in need of more information I could possibly have to go for yet another liver biopsy.  The kicker with this biopsy is that it won’t be done with a fine needle (as if that big honking needle was “fine”) this time it will be done with a CORE needle.  I am so excited at the prospect of this you can't imagine.

I also mentioned that I’ve been having some back pain in recent weeks and that has earned me an MRI of my spine.  No biggie on that one but it’s just another thing between me and getting back into treatment (chemo).  Depending on the results of the MRI I could actually wind up receiving radiation treatment for the first time.

All of this new stuff!  Ain’t it exciting!?!?

So stay tuned because the next week or so may bring some new twists and turns.

Before I go I have to thank everyone for their response to my LiveSTRONG fundraising and recruitment plea.  It looks like we’re picking up some new walkers for our Mintz’s Mentschen team and my personal fundraising total has reached $3,365.  Our team total of $10,365 has us in 6th place out of all teams registered for the Philly LiveSTRONG event.  You can donate and/or join us via my fundraising page by clicking here.  Thanks!!

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