Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Treatment #46 in the books

The 2012 version of my chemotherapy, specifically the schedule that I’m receiving the treatments, has been a real drag.  The biggest impact is that I’m not getting much time for a real “recovery” and this has impacted some things very tangibly.

One of those things is the frequency of posts that I make to this blog.  My guilt has had me mention this in recent posts but truthfully when my work day ends the first thing I want to do is to hit the POWER button on my laptop and to literally run for the couch.  I will try to do better since the last thing I can afford is to lose any more of the support and energy that I had been receiving from you all.

Another impact from the lack of recovery is that the solid bike riding I had been doing with rides in the 30-45 mile range seems like a distant memory right now.  Riding like that is just not physically possible right now.  The fabulous weather this past weekend got me out on my bike with Dan Nies on Saturday.  It’s important to note that I have NEVER ridden on a Saturday of a treatment week before.  Although the last few miles of the ride were an effort I thoroughly enjoyed the short but much needed 19-miler.  Thanks Dan.  We have the Multiple Sclerosis ride scheduled in mid-May and I’m confident that I’ll be able to cover the 25-mile distance in support of my friend Missy Gervasini while riding on her team, The Missy Express.

I’ll keep my usual closing mention and plea for LiveSTRONG recruitment and donations short.  The response has continued to be sluggish at best.  I’m not exaggerating when I say the weekend around LiveSTRONG is a real party atmosphere.  Consider walking or running with us on Saturday, August 18.  The cycling part of the event is on Sunday, August 19.  You can register for the event and join our team as well as make a donation by clicking here to access my LiveSTRONG web page.  Thanks for your support!