Saturday, January 21, 2012

It Still Works!

Hey, hey!! No, I’m not referring to what you’re probably thinking. Let’s keep it clean! On Tuesday I had a regular 6-week visit with Dr. Richards and I always get that “it still works!” feeling of relief when they access my port and I see the blood flow into the catheter. Oh, the small pleasures. LOL. Port insertion/removal were not my favorite procedures so as long as this one keeps on ticking I'm happy.

Dr. Richards wrote me the prescription for my next PET/CT and I have already scheduled it for February 14th. I didn’t specifically choose to have it on Valentine’s Day but that will be our first day back after a family wedding in Florida. I’m really looking forward to have our family together for such a fun occasion, even if it’s only for a weekend.

Cycle for Survival is 2 weeks from today. Donations from family and friends continue to come in and I can’t thank you all enough. I wish the event itself was a little closer to home but Long Island isn’t that far away and the cause is more than worth the effort.

I’ve really been itching to set some more significant goals for 2012 but it’s so hard to plan or commit to anything while thinking that the results of my next scan will have me back in treatment. Right now I’m focused on February 14th and I’m hoping that my chemo vacation gets extended. We’re still also thinking about the Tour de Hot Chocolate and when that might happen. Time will tell. We're now having some complication due to winter precip but hopefully the weather will cooperate and I'll be up to the challenge sometime soon.

Monday, January 9, 2012

No Rules

I hope that 2012 has gotten off to a good start for everyone.

I have a routine appointment with Dr. Richards next Tuesday for a port flush and I should even get my prescription for the February PET/CT. It would be good to get the Rx because I’ll get my choice of date/time when scheduling the actual scan. Not that I haven’t been through this just a few times before but I’ll still be a bit anxious with hoping that my chemo vacation won’t be ending so soon.

Although February of the past 4 years has rhythmically coincided with the start of chemo I am hoping to break that streak. Since beginning this break from chemo following my November 1st treatment I have been pushing myself on the bike (as I have mentioned more than once…. I know). I have plunged ahead with little regard for thoughts of, “it’s a bit too cold to ride…” or “there’s no way you should be trying to ride this far…”. After a ride or two where I stepped single-ride mileage up into the high 20’s I took significant leaps to a couple of rides of 46-miles before getting sidetracked by the holidays.

This past Saturday I was back on the bike and although I had no business even attempting it I was hoping for a 50-miler. We wound up finishing just short of that at 49 miles but it was warm enough that I was compelled to do it in SHORTS! You should have seen the look on the face of other riders as we passed them on the road. It made me feel like a real rebel. Ha!

I have leveraged the knowledge of my body that I acquired in my youth while running track in high school and college. I know what will and won’t cause me harm and getting a little tired ain’t gonna hurt me (not too much anyway…). I’ll continue enjoying my “no rules” approach to cycling for now and hope that my 3 month break turns into at least 6. Please come out and join us! Shoot me an email if you’re interested.